Baby Prep Classes with Nurse Nikki teach parents and families the do’s, don’ts, and probably not’s of caring for babies and children. All of our classes are currently only offered privately, in the home.


Baby Prep 101: Care, Safety and Lagniappe for 0-12 months

Baby Baby Prep 101 covers breastfeeding basics, bottle feeding and pumping; infant feeding cues and when and how to start solids, how to change a diaper, swaddle and soothe a baby; care seat safety; safe sleep and how to safely administer medications. We reserve a portion of our class to “Lagniappe”, our question and answer time. So write down your questions because we have answers. Length: 2 hours.

Gift Certificates are available.

Investment: $150 per couple


Child & Infant CPR & Choking Relief Class for Parents & Families

Nurse Nikki NP will teach you basic infant and child CPR and choking relief techniques so you will feel comfortable rendering aid if an emergency were to occur. We will also learn about the most common choking hazards and explore safe bottle-feeding. Length: 1-1.5 hours

Gift Certificates are available.


  • 1-2 people $120 Flat fee

  • 3+ people $50 per person

Private Baby Education   All of these classes are offered as private in-home classes. This is reflected in the price. Large group community classes are coming soon.