Whether you are pregnant with your first baby or your third, every lactation experience is different. A prenatal lactation consultation can increase your chances of success. We will discuss your goals for breastfeeding and how to explain your wishes with your family. We will create a breastfeeding care plan that will include techniques for a pain-free latch, hold positions, breast and nipple care and tips for returning to work or school. We will discuss helpful lactation products and gear. Your plan will also include information about newborn nutrition and digestion. I cater this consultation to your needs, so whatever knowledge you crave; I am here to help.


Lactation Consultation


Breastfeeding your baby is one of the greatest gifts you can offer your child. While breastfeeding is a natural concept, some parents have a harder time initiating the relationship with their babies than others. Don’t suffer in silence, please allow me to help you. In addition to being a certified lactation counselor, I am also a mother of three breastfed babies. I can attest to the saying “the first 3 weeks are the hardest.” In an effort to promote healing and encourage rest, I provide lactation visits in the comfort of your home.  Lactation home visits include suggestions, instructions and/or return demonstrations on proper latch, baby positioning, nipple care, etc. We can also discuss pumping, pacifiers and returning to work or school. With your permission a electronic report of your lactation visit can be sent to your child’s health care provider. 

You will also receive 2 weeks of Nurse Nikki On Call services, text and email support, following your initial visit.

Gift certificates are available.