As required by the Louisiana Department of Education, all Child Care facilities must receive a total of 3 hours annually of health and safety training from a Child Care Health Consultant. I strive to create fun, interactive and informative health trainings that meet the needs of you and your staff. Training topics include:

❤︎Medication Administration

❤︎Infectious Disease (Common Infections in the Child Care Setting)

❤︎Health of the Child Care Worker

❤︎Injury Prevention and Safety

❤︎SIDS and Safe Sleep

❤︎Food Safety

❤︎Nutrition & Obesity Prevention

❤︎Sanitary Code

❤︎Food Allergies

❤︎Supporting Breastfeeding in the Child Care Setting

❤︎Custom Class Based on the Needs of Your Facility

Investment: $20 per person for 5+ people or a flat rate of $100 (4 or less)

School Health Consulting