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"Nurse Nikki" Hunter Greenaway

Nurse Nikki received a bachelors in sociology from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL ('04), a bachelors in nursing from Loyola University Chicago ('07) and a masters in nursing from Louisiana State University ('12). 


Nurse Nikki is the proud founder and owner of a perinatal concierge practice Bloom Maternal Health. Bloom provides evidence-based, patient-centered pregnancy, postpartum and lactation care via house calls and telehealth. In 2020, Nurse Nikki founded a small non-profit, Bloom Community Health. Bloom Community, through generous community donations,  provides the same concierge perinatal services to homeless and under-resourced families free of charge.

Nurse Nikki is also the co-founder of the New Orleans Breastfeeding Center, Cafe au Lait Breastfeeding Circle Louisiana and Nikki and Nikki Lactation Career Consultants. Her ventures elevate her goal of helping babies, families and communities, survive, thrive and BLOOM.

Parents and babies are her passion. Her mission is to improve maternal health outcomes and decrease disparities especially for Black women and parents.

For over 11 years, she has provided equitable and patient-centered care to hundreds of families. With the onset of COVID she expanded her reach and began providing our services virtually.

Virtual coaching is available to all 50 states. Home visits are available to families in West Houston, Texas and New Orleans, LA.


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