I believe all families and communities should have access to personable and quality health and wellness services. 
— Nurse Nikki

Family & Maternity Services

Before Your Baby Arrives

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Whether you are having your first baby or your third, Nurse Nikki provides education and support for your specific needs. 

After Your Baby Arrives

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Congratulations on the arrival of your baby. Nurse Nikki offers postpartum wellness and breastfeeding home visits and parent CPR classes.

Nurse Nikki On Call

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Don't fret, Nurse Nikki is only a text or email away. Become a member and set your mind at ease. This service makes a great baby shower gift.


Health Consulting & CPR Services

Child Care Health Consulting

Adult, Child & Infant CPR

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CPR training classes available for health care providers (BLS), Community workers (schools and child care centers) and parents.

Child care and school health training and consulting. We offer solutions for healthier communities


Nurse Nikki is always accessible, down to earth and knowledgeable. She has a true heart for children and families
— Brandi Noelle Boyd